The Upcycled Flower Vase
The Upcycled Flower


Currently 85% of the surplus fabric is discarded.Every year a large amount of fabric is produced for clothing. However, due to all sorts of mistakes, such as color, texture discrepancies and overproduction, unused fabric is stored in warehouses and later disposed.

Only 15% of the fabric produced is used for clothing. The remaining 85% of excess fabric will be incinerated or dumped in landfills. Essentially usable fabric is treated as rubbish causing a huge strain on the environment and labor.

These vases were created by repurposing these fabrics that were destined to be discarded. Each piece was carefully made by hand in our atelier in Japan, bringing out the uniqueness of each fabric.

This activity may only have a very small effect in improving the global environment. However, we believe that gradually changing each person's awareness and actions for the sake of the earth will lead to greater benefits.